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Quest du Loups du Soleil. Fiesty Malinois Mondio RingJ'Ice Ot Vitosha and Marcus Hampton, reattack.Winston Wolf du Loups du Soleil. Object guard, Champ D'utopie.Jadda Vom Risden Haus and Timo Rieg, 2021 AWDF Championship.2022 FLYING calendar, J'Ice Ot Vitosha.2020 DVG National TrophiesColleen Bartley and Jesse, 2021 NW Regional Confirmation showA'tomic and Mark TOrrance, Long bite. 2021 GSDCA Championship.Michael Ellis and Dub du Loups du Soleil.Jessica Johnson and Petra de Deux Sabres2020 Bay Area Ring Club FR Trial. Phil Ryder.David Wright and Lethal 2021 Fiesty Malinois Mondioring TrialDub du Loups du Soleil2021 AWDF. Laurie Schweizer and Argo Vom Schweizer (1 of 1)2021 AWDF Hector Vom Roten Sturm Vs Marcus Hampton (1 of 1)2021 USMRA_Atom De Jardin-12021 AWDF_Lita_Flat Retrieve (1 of 1)